Regulatory Standard 13 of the Brazilian Ministry of Labor and Employment., June 8, 1978. Click here to read the Standard.

Establishes the minimum requirements for structural integrity management of Steam Boilers, Pressure Vessels and its interconnecting Piping Systems in all aspects related to the installation, inspection, operation and maintenance, aiming at the safety and health of the workers.

Our services:

  • Safety Inspections (Initial, periodic and extraordinary)
  • Elaboration of equipment records
  • Calculation of MAWP and Minimum ThicknessesEquipment suitability and categorization
  • Consultancy for SPIE certification (In-house Equipment Inspection Service)Opening and update of the Safety Logbook
  • Inclusion of piping to the new version of NR-13
  • Qualified Professional Advisory Department
  • Calculation of remaining useful life
  • 2nd part audit
  • Courses and Lectures on NR-13