20 years of reliability!

Who we are

A ÍNTEGRA is a Cooperative-type company made of engineers and technicians with broad experience and recognized expertise in the field of industrial equipment integrity engineering.

Founded in 1998 by a group of professionals that believe in unity as the best way to provide a distinctive service, based on the qualification and experience of its associates.


Provide physical integrity assessment services for industrial equipment, providing operational reliability to companies that are committed not only to its industrial equity, but also with people safety and environmental preservation.

Technical Responsibility

ÍNTEGRA’s membership with councils, organizations and trade guilds, such as CREA-RJ, ABENDI and OCB-RJ, demonstrates its course of work and management that abides by technical standards, current rules of conduct and all recommendations made by said accredited entities.

Social Responsibility

Organized as a Cooperative with a social vocation, ÍNTEGRA exercises this responsibility with its associates, in the form of in-company courses, external courses and maintenance of qualifications, as well as spreading technical knowledge through qualification courses, university lectures, attendance in technical commissions of activity-related entities, and seminars for the inspection community and drawing of new professionals to the field, also providing opportunities for training and career starts.