The reliability of an industrial plant, particularly in petrochemical and oil and gas sectors, is directly connected to the knowledge of deterioration mechanisms and control and mitigation means of corrosive processes. ÍNTEGRA has qualified engineers and technicians to provide the following services:

Establish and create control points for monitoring corrosion rates, either by thickness measurement or corrosion coupons.

Installation and withdrawal of corrosion coupons, through mechanical or hydraulic retrievers, in service pipelines and equipment.

Through corrosion coupons due to loss of mass or thickness measurement, Excel spreadsheets may be created to calculate corrosion rates and remaining useful life for equipment and pipelines.

When corrosion control is not possible through the process variables, or due to the use of corrosion inhibitors, one of the possible solutions is the exchange for higher-end and more resistant materials.

Another way of mitigating the corrosive process is through use of anti-corrosion coatings, either in the form of composites or painting.